Melbas Melba's Food Hall, 42 Grantham St, Brunswick West


Passion Pasta Goats Cheese Sun Dried Tomato Ravioli
$9.95 each
Absolute Organics Black Beans 400g
$2.59 each
Global Organics Soup Minestrone 400gm
$5.29 each
Marlo Yellowfin Tuna 95g
$2.50 each
Passion Pasta Porcini Mushroom Ravioli
$9.95 each
Artisan Eggplant Parmigiana 1.​2kg
$32.00 each
Good Fish Alaskan Salmon In Olive Oil120g
$9.99 each
Ozganics Butter Chicken Style Curry Sauce 500g
$7.00 each
Supreme Garlic Roti Bread
$9.75 each
The Stock Merchant Chicken Stock 500g
$8.99 each
Absolute Organic Cacao Powder Raw 175gm
$6.99 each
Absolute Organics Lentils 400gm
$2.59 each
Absolute Organics Org Sweet Corn 350g
$4.95 each
Amy's Kitchen Chunky Tomato Soup
$6.45 each
Artisan Pasta Cannelloni
$12.00 each
Artisan Pasta Co. Gnocchi Napoli 500g - Vegan
$9.00 each
Artisan Pasta Co. Meat Lasagna 500g
$13.95 each
Bragg Yeast Seasoning 127g
$18.95 each
Gagas Raw Vegan Kimchi 500g
$10.69 each
Global Organics Coconut Cream 400g
$3.39 each
Global Organics Coconut Milk 400g
$2.89 each
Good Fish Sardines Olive Oil Jar 195g
$10.99 each
Healthy Necessities Fine Himalayan Pink Salt
$3.25 each
Le Conserve Della Nonna Arrabiata Sauce 350gm
$4.99 each
Le Conserve Della Nonna Basil Sauce
$4.99 each
Lotus Savoury Yeast Flakes 500g
$12.95 each
Ozganics Rogan Josh Curry Sauce 500g
$7.05 each
Passion Pasta Roasted Pumpkin & Ricotta Ravioli
$9.95 each
Passion Pasta Spinach Gnocchi & Ricotta
$9.95 each
Premium Fish Stock 500ml
$7.99 each
Riverina Grove Garden Vegetable Sauce 500g
$4.00 each
Spiral Black Beans 400g
$2.95 each
Spiral Organic Fungi Sauce
$5.00 each
Squisito Organic Diced Tomatoes
$2.25 each
Take Me Home Thin Pizza Base 200g
$5.45 each
The Stock Merchant Pumpkin Tumeric Ginger Soup
$5.95 each
Wonderbao BBQ Pork 355g
$9.99 each
Take Me Home Beef Lasagne 300gm
$10.95 each
Take Me Home Beef Lasagne 500gm
$16.75 each
Absolute Organic BBQ Sauce 340g
$6.95 each
Absolute Organic Brown Rice Syrup 500g
$7.95 each
Absolute Organic Cannellini Beans 400g
$2.59 each
Absolute Organic Chia Seeds Raw 400g
$14.95 each
Absolute Organic Chick Peas 400g
$2.59 each
Absolute Organic Egg Free Mayonnaise 240g
$6.35 each
Absolute Organic Garden Peas 330g
$5.29 each
Absolute Organics Beetroot Slice 340g
$4.95 each
Absolute Organics Red Kidney Beans 400g
$2.59 each
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