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Louis Hard Cider 6pk 6 * 355ml

$21.00 each


Honouring orchard worker Louis Cardinoux, who in 1905 lost an eye working on Napoleone’s renowned property on St Hubert’s Rd in Coldstream, Napoleone Yarra Valley Louis is a 4.5% ABV barrel fermented, cold-crushed cider that is produced using a single pick of the 2020 harvest of Yarra Valley apples, steeped on skins for 24 hours, then put in seasoned oak puncheon barrels to naturally ferment. Naturally gluten free, vegan friendly and with no added sugar, Louis boasts aromatics of apple blossom and a hint of grapefruit, hitting the palate with hints of zesty lime and moreish shortbread notes that round out this refreshingly balanced cider.


4.5% ABV

Place of origin

Yarra Valley, Australia

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