Melbas Melba's Food Hall, 42 Grantham St, Brunswick West

Lemon Organic
$1.50 each
Marlo Yellowfin Tuna 95g
$2.50 each
Milawa Free Range Chicken Drumsticks 1kg
$13.95 each
Organic Sebago Potatoes
$1.09 each (approx.) $5.45 per kg
Packham Pears Organic
$0.82 each (approx.) $4.59 per kg
Providence Aged Cheddar 180g
$6.15 each
Providence Parmesan 180g
$8.95 each
Sunzest Organic Orange Juice 2lt
$7.25 each
Sweet Potato Organic
$1.58 each (approx.) $3.95 per kg
$7.98 each (approx.) $3.99 per kg
Who Gives A Crap 6 Pack
$8.89 each
Zeally Bay Organic Stoneground Wholemeal
$9.69 each
Absolute Organics Maple Syrup 250g
$12.95 each
Barambah Organics Full Cream Milk 2L
$6.49 each
Blueberries Punnet 125gm
$8.99 each
Boulder Canyon Red Wine Vinegar
$6.50 each
Cherry Tree Organics Pork Mince
$25.00 per kg
City Larder Free Range Chicken, Leek and Truffle Terrine 150g
$12.59 each
Coolibah Organic Baby Salad Mix 120g
$5.65 each
Coolibah Organic Roquette Punnet
$4.95 each
Edamame Frozen 454g
$3.95 each
$4.19 each (approx.) $11.99 per kg
$40.00 per kg
Gouda Plain Per Kg Pre Pack
$30.00 per kg
Green Cabbage 1/​2
$6.00 each
Haggis 350g
$11.95 each
Healthy Necessities Organic Cranberries
$7.90 each
Heaps Normal Non-Alcoholic Quiet Xpa 355ml
$14.00 each
Hepburn Sparkling Water 750ml
$4.15 each
Irrewarra Original Granola 500g
$14.49 each
Jarlsberg Cheese Slice 150gm
$8.10 each
Jasper Coffee Organic Café Femenino Bean 250g
$15.99 each
Kindred Organics Rolled Oats 1kg
$8.50 each
Kiwi Gold
$16.95 per kg
La Madre Seeded Sourdough Sliced 900g
$8.95 each
Leda Gluten Free Gingernut Cookies 155g
$3.99 each
Leeks Organic
$3.50 each
Love Beets Beetroot Baby 250gm
$4.95 each
Marlo Organic Butter 250g
$6.25 each
Mortadella Plain Sliced Per Kg
$23.95 per kg
Noisette Olive Bread 500g
$7.59 each
Onion Red Organic
$0.89 each (approx.) $4.95 per kg
Pacdon Park Lancashire Plain Sausages
$14.55 each
Pureharvest Soy Milk Original No Cane Sugar 1l
$2.99 each
Quick Oats Organic
$8.00 per kg
Rw Garcia Organic Kale Crackers 184g
$10.25 each
The Almond Farmer 100% Pure Almond Butter 250g
$10.95 each
True Organic Australian Organic Salted Butter 250g
$6.25 each
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42 Grantham St, Brunswick West
VIC, Australia • 3055

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