Melbas Melba's Food Hall, 42 Grantham St, Brunswick West

Spiral Foods Organic Instant Red Miso 5x 7g
$6.99 each
Spiral Foods Organic Mugi Barley Miso Paste 400g
$9.25 each
Spiral Foods Organic Nori Seaweed Rice Crackers 50g
$4.99 each
Spiral Foods Organic Pizza Pasta Sauce 375g
$5.00 each
Spiral Foods Organic Plum Vinegar 250ml
$4.50 each
Spiral Foods Organic Shiro Miso Paste 400g
$9.25 each
Spiral Foods Organic Sushi Vinegar 250ml
$6.99 each
Spiral Foods Organic White Sesame Rice Crackers 75g
$4.99 each
Spiral Kombu Shiitake Dashi 10g
$9.89 each
Spiral Organic Balsamic Glaze 250ml
$6.75 each
Spiral Organic Beans Borlotti 400gm
$2.95 each
Spiral Organic Brown Rice Miso
$13.95 each
Spiral Organic Cannellini Beans 400gm
$2.95 each
Spiral Organic Coconut Milk Reduced Fat 400ml
$2.49 each
Spiral Organic Coconut Oil 300g
$9.75 each
Spiral Organic Fungi Sauce
$5.00 each
Spiral Organic Lentils 400gm
$2.95 each
Spiral Organic Low Fat Coconut Cream 400ml
$3.35 each
Spiral Organic Maple Syrup 236ml
$12.99 each
Spiral Organic Mirin 250ml
$7.15 each
Spiral Organic Mugi Miso 400g
$13.95 each
Spiral Organic Red Kidney Bean 400gm
$2.95 each
Spiral Organic Shiro Miso Paste 300g
$13.95 each
Spiral Organic Tomato Ketchup 350gm
$5.25 each
Spiral Organics Adzuki Beans 400gm
$2.95 each
Spiral Organics Instant Miso Soup 5x10gm
$6.99 each
Spiral Ponzu Sauce 250ml
$6.99 each
Spiral Rice Cracker Black Sesame
$4.99 each
Spiral Shiitake Mushroom 50g
$11.99 each
Spiral Soba Noodles Organic 300g
$4.15 each
Spiral Sushi Nori 25g
$8.25 each
Spiral Tamari Genuine 250ml
$6.50 each
Spiral Tamari Organic 250ml
$8.75 each
Spiral Tamari Rice Cracker
$4.99 each
Spiral Udon Noodles Organic 300g
$4.00 each
Spiral Unhulled Tahini Organic
$7.99 each
Spiral White Rice Paper 200g
$6.25 each
Spring Onion
$3.45 each
Springfields Botanical Normal Conditioner
$19.95 each
Springfields Botanical Normal Shampoo
$19.95 each
Springfields Botanical Shampoo Colour Treated 350ml
$19.95 each
Springfields Conditioner Dry/​Damaged Hair 350ml
$19.95 each
Springfields Conditioner Normal-Oily Hair 350ml
$19.95 each
Springfields Conditioner Treated Hair 350ml
$19.95 each
Springfields Diffuser
$76.95 each
Springfields Essential Oil - Vitality 11ml
$19.95 each
Springfields Essential Oil Australian Sandalwood 5ml
$59.95 each
Springfields Essential Oil Bergamot 11ml
$25.95 each
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