Melbas Melba's Food Hall, 42 Grantham St, Brunswick West

Boulder Canyon Parmesan & Garlic
$5.95 each
Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar 946ml
$13.25 each
Busy Bees Gluten Free Anzacs 195
$6.25 each
Byron Bay Chili Co Cayenne 250ml
$4.95 each
Byron Bay Mild Salsa 300g
$4.85 each
Campari Aperitif 700ml
$42.00 each
Capricco Organic White Wine Vinegar
$4.55 each
Careme Butter Puff Pastry 375g
$13.00 each
Carman's Natural Bircher Muesli 1.​5kg
$18.55 each
Celery Whole
$4.00 each
Cesare Cimino Almond Nougat 200g
$8.00 each
Cesare Cimino Chocolate Almond Bread 150g
$7.75 each
Cherry Tree Organics Lamb Cutlets
$68.75 per kg
Cherry Tree Organics Porterhouse Steak
$47.18 per kg
Cherry Tree Organics Scotch Fillet
$59.29 per kg
Chocolate Almonds Dark Organic
$62.00 per kg
Chocolate Licorice Milk Organic
$44.00 per kg
City Larder Free Range Chicken Liver Paté
$13.85 each
Clares Secret Grenache
$20.00 each
Colston Bassett Stilton
$82.00 per kg
Continental Cuisine Caviar Dip 200gms
$3.50 each
Continental Cuisine Olive Paste 150g
$3.50 each
Continental Cuisine Spicy Caps Dip 150g
$3.50 each
Continental Parsley Organic
$3.89 each
Coolibah Organic Baby Salad Mix 120g
$4.25 each
Coolibah Salad Mix 100gm
$3.00 each
Coyo Yoghurt Alternative Natural Coconut 500gm
$10.95 each
Cranberries Organic
$32.00 per kg
Dj&​A Crispy Beetroot Slices 35g
$3.45 each
Dr Karg's Seeded Spelt Crisp Bread 200g
$6.95 each
Dr Organic Maroccan Argan Oil Body Wash 250ml
$14.95 each
Dr Tungs Smart Floss 27m
$6.95 each
Dutch Company Pumpernickel 500gm
$3.00 each
Edamame Frozen 454g
$3.70 each
Elgin Organic Corn Kernels 600g
$10.35 each
Elgin Organic Peas 600g
$10.55 each
Elgin Organic Raspberries 350g
$10.59 each
Emmalines Orange & Poppy Seed 500g
$9.55 each
Emmalines Raspberry Melting Moments 350gm
$9.50 each
Essential Hemp - Hemp Seed Oil 500ml
$29.00 each
Essential Ingredient Shitake Mushrooms 50g
$7.35 each
Fayale 250g Coffee Beans
$13.50 each
Fayale Chooks Blend 500g
$22.00 each
Floridia Mozzarella Shredded 500g
$8.75 each
Fresh Shitake Mushrooms
$4.00 each
Fressko Black Camino Cup 340ml
$32.00 each
Fromager D`​Affinois Bleu Wedge Per Kg
$75.00 per kg
Genoblie Saba Hot Sicilian Olives 375g
$8.00 each
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42 Grantham St, Brunswick West
VIC, Australia • 3055

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