Melbas Melba's Food Hall, 42 Grantham St, Brunswick West

Giacobazzi Bell Balsamic 250ml
$15.95 each
Gimme Organic Sea Salt Seaweed 10g
$3.95 each
Gimme Seaweed Snacks Olive Oil 10gm
$3.95 each
Giuseppe Orecchette
$6.25 each
Giuseppe Spaghetti 500g
$6.25 each
Glicks Sesame Bagels (​360g) 4pk
$5.50 each
Global Organics Black Beans 400g
$2.35 each
Global Organics Borlotti Beans 400g
$2.29 each
Global Organics Cannellini Beans 400g
$2.29 each
Global Organics Tomato Pasata 400gm
$3.35 each
Global Organics Traditional Mayonaise Organic 300gm
$7.75 each
Gold Coin
$3.95 each
Grana Padano Grated Per Kg
$43.00 per kg
Grana Padano Per Kg Fresh Cut
$39.99 per kg
Grapefruit Ruby Red
$4.85 per kg
Green Cabbage 1/​2
$4.95 each
Green Eggs Free Range Dozen 700g
$8.00 each
Healthy Necessities Organic Cranberries
$7.90 each
Healthy Necessities Organic Rolled Oats
$4.30 each
Healthy Necessities Panko Bread Crumbs 200g
$2.00 each
Healthybake Organic Wholegrain Spelt Loaf
$9.45 each
Hydro Tomatoes
$4.95 per kg
If You Care Aluminium Foil
$6.99 each
Imperial Mandarins
$4.95 per kg
Irresistible Bananas 100g
$4.50 each
Jamon Spanish Prosciutto Sliced Per Kg
$57.99 per kg
Jarlsberg Cheese
$33.00 per kg
Kialla Organic Rolled Oats 1kg
$13.20 each
King Soba Organic Buckwheat Ramen 280gm
$8.49 each
La Banderita Fajitas Flour Tortillas - 10 Pack
$6.75 each
La Boqueria Chorizo Mild 270g
$12.00 each
La Madre Seeded Sourdough Sliced 900g
$8.95 each
La Madre Sourdough Tin Sliced 900g
$8.35 each
La Molisana Gnocchi 500gm
$3.69 each
La Molisana Maccheroni 500g
$3.25 each
La Molisana Pappardelle N105 500g
$5.00 each
La Molisana Rigatoni 500g
$3.25 each
La Molisana Spaghettoni N14 500g
$3.00 each
La Molisana Whole Wheat Fusilli 500g
$3.75 each
Laurieri Crespini Sea Salt 125g
$3.45 each
Leeks Organic
$3.45 each
Lettuce Baby Cos Twin Pack
$3.95 each
Linda McCartney's Vegetarian Sausage Rolls
$5.99 each
Little Ozzie Treats Peppermint Honeycomb 160g
$7.35 each
Love Beets Beetroot Baby 250gm
$3.75 each
Loving Earth White Chocolate 80g
$7.95 each
Maggie Beer Burnt Fig Honeycomb & Caramel Ice Cream 500ml
$10.50 each
Maggie Beer Maggie Beer Rich Vanilla Bean Ice Cream 500ml
$10.50 each
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