Melbas Melba's Food Hall, 42 Grantham St, Brunswick West

Floridia Mozzarella 250g
$4.85 each
Floridia Mozzarella 500g
$8.75 each
Floridia Mozzarella Shredded 500g
$8.75 each
Fromager D'affinois Wedge Per Kg
$65.00 per kg
Global Organics Coconut Cream 400g
$3.35 each
Global Organics Passata Tomato Basil 680gm
$4.35 each
Gold Coin
$3.95 each
Good Fish Tuna In Oil 120g
$7.59 each
Gouda Plain Per Kg Pre Pack
$30.00 per kg
Grapefruit Ruby Red
$1.49 each (approx.) $4.99 per kg
Grilled Capsicum
$20.99 per kg
Grilled Eggplant
$20.99 per kg
Healthy Necessities Organic Cranberries
$7.90 each
Healthy Necessities Organic Sultanas
$3.30 each
House Of Goodness Tofu & Mushroom Dumplings 275g
$12.00 each
Irresistible Bananas Gluten Free 100g
$4.29 each
Jamon Spanish Prosciutto Sliced Per Kg
$57.99 per kg
Jasper Coffee Organic Café Femenino Bean 250g
$14.50 each
Karma Lemmy Lemonade 330ml
$3.75 each
Leeks Organic
$2.99 each
Linda McCartney's Country Pies Vegan 380g
$9.35 each
Marlo Yellowfin Tuna 95g
$2.50 each
Maxwells Treats Preserved Lemons 300g
$14.55 each
Milel Pepato
$35.00 per kg
Minor Figures Nitro Cold Brew 200ml
$4.45 each
Mortadella Plain Sliced Per Kg
$17.99 per kg
Mount Zero Mixed Olives Per Kg
$24.95 per kg
Nectarine Yellow
$4.55 per kg
Oatly Organic Creamy Oat 250ml
$4.65 each
Organic Dill
$3.95 each
Organic Indulgence Baba Ghannouj Dip 200g
$6.65 each
Papaya Whole Organic
$8.99 per kg
Passion Pasta Goats Cheese Sun Dried Tomato Ravioli
$9.55 each
Patch Organic Dried Apricots 250g
$5.99 each
Prestige Maple Syrup 1ltr
$38.99 each
Roma Tomatoes
$0.79 each (approx.) $7.95 per kg
Rw Garcia Organic Kale Crackers 184g
$9.95 each
Spiral Soba Noodles Organic 300g
$4.15 each
Squisito Organic Diced Tomatoes
$2.00 each
Super Probiotic Kefier Immune Tonic
$9.75 each
True Organics Aus Org Haloumi 200g
$9.95 each
$7.00 each (approx.) $3.50 per kg
Whisk & Pin Chocolate Mud Gluten Free Cookies 400gm
$14.99 each
Yarra Valley Strawberry Jam 240g
$7.55 each
Zeally Bay Organic Southern Casalinga 700g
$9.00 each
Mount Zero Kalamata Olives - Per Kg
$24.95 per kg
Take Me Home Beef Lasagne 300gm
$10.55 each
Take Me Home Beef Lasagne 500gm
$15.45 each
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42 Grantham St, Brunswick West
VIC, Australia • 3055

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