Melbas Melba's Food Hall, 42 Grantham St, Brunswick West

Global Organics Chickpeas 400gm
$2.29 each
Global Organics Tomato Paste 100g
$3.25 each
Global Organics Tomato Paste 200g
$4.45 each
Gourmet Organic Cardamon Pods 20g
$4.29 each
Gourmet Organic Chinese 5 Spice 30g
$4.29 each
Gourmet Organic Ground Cumin 30g
$4.29 each
Gourmet Organic Mixed Spice 30g
$4.29 each
Grana Padano Grated Per Kg
$43.00 per kg
Grandmother Ham Whole
$28.00 per kg
Grants Bamboo Toothbrush Adult Soft Each
$4.55 each
Grapefruit Ruby Red
$4.50 per kg
Green Cabbage 1/​4
$2.50 each
Green Lentils Organic
$13.00 per kg
Harris Smokehouse Smoked Ocean Trout 100gm
$10.99 each
Healthy Necessities Organic Dates
$3.00 each
Healthy Necessities Organic Rolled Oats
$4.30 each
Healthybake Khorasan & Seeds
$9.45 each
Heaps Normal Non-Alcoholic Quiet Xpa 355ml
$4.00 each
Heineken 0.​0 Non-Alcoholic Can 330ml
$3.00 each
Hurraw Black Cherry Lip Balm
$7.85 each
Irresistible Sour Mix 150g
$4.50 each
Ivans Apple Pie 750g
$21.00 each
Jarlsberg Cheese
$33.00 per kg
Jasper Coffee Organic Isabel Blend Ground 250g
$14.50 each
Johnnie Walker Red Label Blended Scotch Whisky 700ml
$47.00 each
Kialla Organic Unbleached Plain Flour 1kg
$8.65 each
Kreol Passionfruit Orange 330ml
$4.75 each
La Madre Vine Fruit Tin
$7.75 each
La Tortilleria Tortillas 15 Pack
$9.45 each
Lakewood Veggie Super Juice 946ml
$14.25 each
Le Petit Marcel Comte Per Kg
$68.95 per kg
Lotus Popcorn 500g
$6.00 each
Love Beets Beetroot Baby 250gm
$3.95 each
Macaw Creek Shiraz
$20.00 each
Marlo Organic Brie 200g
$9.50 each
Marys Crackers Original 184g
$9.85 each
Mediterranean Pastizzi Ricotta Cheese 12 Pack
$7.99 each
Mediterranean Pastizzi Spinach & Ricotta (​850g) X12
$7.99 each
Melbourne Hot Sauce Tomatillo Jalapeno 150ml
$6.85 each
Meredith Dairy Goat Cheese Chevre Fresh Dill 150g
$7.45 each
Milawa 'King River Gold' Washed Rind Cheese 150gm
$14.95 each
Milawa Organic Eggs 600g
$7.50 each
Monsieur Truffe Gianduja Milk Hazelnut 180gm
$22.85 each
Mountain Goat Steam Ale 6 X 375ml Can
$5.00 each
Mountain Goat Summer Ale Can 375ml
$4.75 each
Mushrooms, Enoki
$5.00 each
Natures Cuppa Organic Earl Grey Tea 60 Pack
$7.95 each
Old Time Bakery Gluten Free Lebanese 250g
$6.95 each
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