Melbas Melba's Food Hall, 42 Grantham St, Brunswick West

Two Bays Lager 375ml
$7.50 each
Two Bays Lager 4pk
$27.00 each
Two Bays No Doubt Stout 375ml
$8.00 each
Two Bays Pale Ale 375ml
$8.00 each
Two Bays Pale Ale 4 Pack
$28.00 each
Two Bays Stargaze Hazy Pale Ale 375ml
$8.00 each
Two Bays Stargaze Hazy Pale Ale 375ml 4 * 375ml
$29.00 each
Two Bays XPA
$8.00 each
Two Bays XPA 4 Pack
$26.00 each
Twobays Ipa 375ml
$9.00 each
Twr Te Whare Ra
$30.00 each
Umami Pantry Red Miso Paste 250g
$6.15 each
Umami Pantry White Miso Paste 250g
$6.15 each
Unico Pecorino
$29.00 each
Upton Meal Kit Thai Spaghetti 260g
$8.95 each
Upton's Naturals Jackfruit Original 300g
$8.95 each
Upton's Naturals Jackfruit Thai Curry 300g
$8.95 each
Upton's Naturals Real Meal Kit Ch'eesy Mac 285g
$8.95 each
Uptons Massaman Curry 280g
$8.95 each
Uv Natural Sun Screen Spf30+ 50g
$20.95 each
Uv Natural Sunscreen Baby Spf30+ 50g
$20.95 each
Valdo Prosecco
$21.00 each
Valforte Pecorino
$25.00 each
Valledoro Rustica Grissini 100gm
$2.35 each
Valledoro Rustici Grissini 100g
$2.35 each
Van Der Heiden Chevrano
$75.00 per kg
Vandenbulcke Sea Life Buddies 245g
$15.95 each
VB Victoria Bitter 375ml Cans
$4.00 each
Vbk Veggie Burger X4 (​450g)
$12.00 each
Vbk Veggie Burger X4 (​450g) Gluten/​Onion Free
$14.00 each
Veef Plant Based Burgers 226g
$7.75 each
Veef Plant Based Chicken Patties 226g
$7.75 each
Vegan Bake Beans 400g
$5.75 each
Vegan Chicken Broth 250g
$21.95 each
Vegan Dairy Cultured Butter 200g
$9.75 each
Vegan Dairy Dill Cheve 190g
$13.15 each
Vegan Dairy Red Pepper Boursin 190g
$13.15 each
Vegan Dairy Smoke Mozzarella
$13.00 each
Vegan Made Easy Dahl Cherry Tomato 430g
$9.95 each
Vegan Made Easy Dahl Lime Spinach 430g
$9.95 each
Vegan Umami Broth 250g
$21.95 each
Vegi Deli Chorizo Sausages 300g
$7.95 each
Vegideli Chicken Style Nuggets 200g
$8.59 each
Vego Bar Hazelnut Chocolate Bar 150g
$7.95 each
Vego Hazelnut Chocolate Spread 50g
$8.95 each
Vego Whole Hazelnut Chocolate Bar Mini 65g
$4.95 each
Vendanges Chablis
$65.00 each
Venom Golden Ale 6 Pack
$25.00 each
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42 Grantham St, Brunswick West
VIC, Australia • 3055

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7:00 am - 7:00 pm
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